Coach of the Year, April Martin

“Dynasty” and “legacy” are two words that represent some pretty big concepts. These words are often bandied about, much of the time in reference to sports, and sometimes prematurely. But, when you can back those words up with stats and achievements, it deserves to be recognized. Such as, if you coach your team to four consecutive state championships. And when you are named Coach of the Year in a sport
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Weekend Weather

Friday- Slight chance of rain with a high near 83 degrees and a low near 61 degrees. Saturday- Mostly cloudy with a high of 85 degrees and a low in the lower 65.
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State Capitol Wee

k LITTLE ROCK - More than 870,000 Arkansas residents receive some type of health care through Medicaid, which is operated by the state Department of Human Services. The department has made public a variety of cost-cutting ideas and has been gathering input from people who would be affected by them.
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