Helpful hints for a happy Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow. It is a festive and fun time of the year for children of all ages. The Bull Shoals Police Department offers the following tips to promote safety and protect children.

Remind children to trick-or-treat on one side of the street at a time. Refrain from crossing the street in the middle of the block or between parked cars. Cross the street only in the crosswalk or at the corner, using caution.

Trick-or-treat while it is light outside. If you must be out after dark, wear white or light-colored clothing, put reflective tape on your costume and treat bag, and carry a flashlight so you can be seen. Never carry a lit torch or candle.

Dress children in non-flammable costumes that fit properly – short enough to prevent tripping. Avoid wearing facial masks, which obstruct vision. Use face paint and makeup instead.

Trick-or-treat with friends and stay in a group; there is safety in numbers. Never trick-or-treat alone.

Make sure young children are accompanied by an adult (parent) or responsible teen (older brother or sister) while trick-or-treating.

Advise children not to enter any residence or vehicle for the promise of anything. They should wait outside the door for their treats.

Plan your trick-or-treat route ahead of time, staying in your own immediate neighborhood, along well-lit streets after dark. Do not wander too far from home.

Instruct children never to eat any treats until they return home and the treats have been examined under sufficient light by an adult. Check the wrappers of commercial candy for signs of tampering. Wash and cut fruit before eating. Throw away anything unwrapped. Notify the police if there are any suspicious treats.

There are no sidewalks in the City of Bull Shoals so while walking in the street, keep to the left and walk single file facing (against) traffic.

Children should be courteous and respectful of other people’s property. Damaging or defacing property will not be tolerated.

Parents should know whom their children are trick-or-treating with and which route they are taking through the area.

Homeowners should leave outside porch lights on so that children will know it is all right to visit while trick-or-treating.

While trick-or-treating in town this year if you see a Bull Shoals Police Officer in his patrol car be sure and stop him for a special treat!

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